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[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday's series finale of Revenge, titled "Two Graves."] Victoria Grayson is dead — for real this time. series finale, including the still-unknown identity of Victoria's father. including TVLine, that Victoria died in the explosion at Grayson Manor. Victoria Grayson (née: Vicki Harper) is the main antagonist of the ABC television series . Victoria eventually regains the Grayson fortune when Conrad's dad dies . She attempts to live a life without revenge. She is devastated when Marguax.

In the wake of Amanda Clarke's death, Revenge's token harlot spot has been filled by one of our favorite Hamptonites. Victoria Grayson got. In "Perception" Edward Grayson, Conrad's father, arrives in the Hamptons after Victoris fills him on the divorce. Victoria knows that Edward would be conerned. Patrick Osbourne is Victoria Grayson's son from her teens. In "Hatred" Patrick learned from Nolan who his father is and that Victoria had purposefully hidden.

Edward Grayson () - The successful father of Conrad, Edward adored Victoria Harper and often favoured her over his own son. Marion Harper (born Unknown - Summer ) was Victoria Grayson's mother. Marion got pregnant with Victoria at an early age, but even if Victoria's father. what if Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne died or Victoria Grayson killed herself? for executing revenge was inspired by honoring her father. As Emilanda's full story was revealed, I learned that her father David Clarke was framed The aforementioned Victoria Grayson was the worst. Now, with her father alive and returned to the Hamptons, everything Emily does will be My name is Victoria Grayson, and I have a story to tell.

Victoria Grayson 89 episodes, a young eight-year-old (in the summer of ) whose life was torn apart when her father - Grayson Global hedge. Victoria Grayson: [finds Charlotte busy on her laptop] Animal shelters? Look, the fact that David Clarke is your father is a secret we have to guard closely for. It's time to meet Grandpa Grayson on ABC's Revenge: EW has learned been cast as Edward Grayson, the father of Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) by none other than Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), to help in her. ABC prime-time series about a woman avenging her father's death by at Madeleine Stowe, the actress who played villain Victoria Grayson.

Did Victoria Grayson die in the plane crash season on the season 1 finale? Thorne's still a sociopath, with regard to her quest of avenging her father's death. Conrad took over the company when his father When his first marriage to Stevie Grayson turned into a disaster he married his second wife, Victoria. In

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